USB Tokens


For security reasons, your Digital Certificate should be stored on a hardware device, such as a Cryptographic USB Token. These tokens store your Digital Certificate securely and ensure that nobody else has access to your private key except you.

One of the most important properties of the cryptographic USB token is that your Private Key stored on the token, can never be copied out of the token. As a result, during a digital signing operation, the Digital Signature is created directly on the token. Security for your Private Key is further enhanced through the mandatory use of a password to access the contents of the cryptographic USB token.

All said and done, the cryptographic USB Token is very simple to use. You simply need to plug the token into the USB port of your computer, provide the password to the token, and perform your signing operations.

Aladdin USB Token

  • This is the Cheapest Token
  • Used for storing Digital Signature
  • Working Successfully with Sify, TCS, E-Mudhra and NCode platforms
  • Compatible with Windows XP, Windows7 and Windows 8
  • Required a separate driver to be installed

Feitian USB Token

  • Built-in high-performance secure smart card chip
  • FEITIAN Card Operating System with proprietary IP
  • Temper evident hardware USB Token
  • Reliable middleware supports multiple operating systems
  • Easy integration with various PKI applications

Feitian USB Token Product Specification

  • Supported Operating System- 32bit and 64bit Windows XP SP3, Server2003 , Vista, Server2008, Seven, 32bit and 64bit Linux, MAC OS X
  • Middleware- Microsoft Windows MiniDriver, Windows middleware for Windows CSP, Direct-called library for PKCS#11 under Windows, Linux and MAC
  • Standards- X.509 v3 Certificate Storage, SSL v3, IPSec, ISO 7816 1-4 8 9 12, CCID
  • Processor- 16 bit smart card chip (Common Criteria EAL 5+ certified)
  • Memory Space- 64KB (EEPROM)
  • Endurance- At least 500,000 write/erase cycles
  • Data Retention- More than 10 years
  • Connectivity- USB 2.0 full speed, Connector type A
  • Power Consumption- Less than 250mW

Token Without Box Price

SrNo. Name Price
1. Aladdin Token 600
2. Feitian Token 400

Token With Box Price

SrNo. Name Price
1. Aladdin Token 650
2. Feitian Token 450
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Driver Downloads

  • 1 .

    eToken Driver(32 bit)

    Download eToken Driver(32 bit)

    Download Now
  • 2 .

    eToken Driver(64 bit)

    Download eToken Driver(64 bit)

    Download Now
  • 3 .

    Feitian Driver

    Download Feitian Token Driver

    Download Now
  • 4 .

    UKey8000 Token Driver (18th Apr 2011)

    Download for UKey8000 Token Driver (18th Apr 2011)

    Download Now